Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award!

FK, thank you for my wonderful award! I love getting blog awards! And I love your fashion blog. You have wonderful taste in clothes....and glasses.

The rules of the Award:

Thank and link the giver of the award.
Copy the award to my blog.
List seven interesting things about myself (and this could be tricky)

1. I used to joke that my dad was Santa Claus and my mom was the Tooth Fairy. My dad really was Santa, a mall Santa. But a real one, with a real beard and belly. It was great. And my mom was a dental hygienist for 20 something years. I know, not quite the Tooth Fairy. But it works for the joke.

2. I took French for one year in middle school, all four years of high school and for two years in college. Yet all I can say is where is the bathroom and I want to drive. Oh, and do you want to eat me. We had dirty minds in high school, imagine that. (Ou est le WC?, Je veux conduire!, et Vous voulez mangez-moi?)

3. I aspire to be witty and suave. But alas, I'm just dorky and normal.

4. I could eat Mexican food everyday of the week. Once, during my pregnancy, I ate Mexican for four meals in three days.

5. I have seen several bands as opening acts before they hit it big. I saw The Bangles open for Cyndi Lauper on the She's So Unusual tour in 1984 (wow, did I just date myself!). I saw the Jonas Brothers open for Jesse McCartney in 2004. And I saw Lady Gaga open for New Kids On The Block in 2008. In an odd circle, Jesse McCartney opened for NKOTB at the second concert I went to in 2009..

6. I love my gray hair. Yes, I complain that I have too much of it. But I still won't color it. I like the silvery strands!

7. I love British stuff, shows mainly. Absolutely Fabulous, The Office, Monarch of the Glen, Spaced, Little Britain, Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Vicar of Dibley - just to name a few.

Now I have to nominate seven bloggers for this award.

1. Tawsha
2. Maggie
3. Mrs. Pink
4. Bio
5. Bexie
6. Gnome
7. Sandy

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